The team behind État Végétal

Our co-owners


Executive Chef and Head of Green Logistics

Behind all the tasty État Végétal foods, there is a fantastic, passionate and visionary woman. Well yes, it’s Audrey-Anne! Her talents in plant-based food and her desire to take care of the environment, animals and humans unite so that you can enjoy yourself in good conscience. This innovative chef is trained at the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) in cucina italiana and plant-based food! Audrey-Anne knows how to create flavours and textures that taste like pleasure. We adore her for her great vision, her excellence and her eternal good humour.


Treasurer and responsible for customer service and distribution logistics

At the reins of customer service, business development and distribution, we find Francis. He is a determined, open-minded, proactive businessman with an entrepreneurial spirit. Francis continually seeks to optimize every step of the production and distribution of our products. Want to be productive? Just speak to him! On top of that, he takes care of our wonderful customers and the financial health of the company. We can say that with him, we never fool around!

Our Team

Ok, when was the last time you ate something that made your conscience salivate as much as your taste buds? Of course it’s possible! Being in perfect harmony with nature is great, but it also has to be good. We want to get a smile at every bite. That’s why we choose and prepare each ingredient to make your heart dance. Want to eat good? Don’t lose your head over it. État Végétal brings flavour to a state of happiness.

Next time you take a bite, think of our team! They prepare each product with love in our kitchen in Montreal. And if you feel like it, leave us a nice comment! That feels good too!